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Friday, February 10, 2012

Carrying Historical Grudges

Capturing an advancing duststorm several months ago. I love these shots.

Occasionally my seminary training takes hold and I wax eloquently about the evils of popish Catholicism and all the damage done during the dark ages by fear and superstition and priest craft....and my folks are a bit shocked at my ire.

A broad sense of history can be helpful, but sometimes that willingness to let history go and try to see where people and movements are in the present is better.

A respected seminary president has spent ten years getting to know Mormons to try to understand them, and shares that they are from bottom to top trying to move away from the errors of their origins and embrace a healthier Christology. It softens the fears of those who know a vote for Mitt will bring Mormonism to the forefront of American life.

The number of evangelical Catholics seems to be growing every decade, it seems Santorum is much more attune to his faith than JFK ever was.

Even my favorite target Joel Osteen has been presenting himself as more committed to deep Christology than I formerly thought. All in all things are changing for the better and worse all the time, and charity tries to see the best if possible. Labels are falling away, lets hope our new realities lead toward truth finding. It seems to fit better with a belief that God is working out things toward a glorious restoration rather than an ugly ending.

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