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Friday, February 24, 2012

Compton's Illustrated Encyclopedia

An automatic gravity driven gate closer on Laura Plantation in LA.

In the Hendricks home where I grew up we had one set of bookshelves and firmly ensconced on the lower shelf of the blond furniture was a set of Compton's Encyclopedia. They were blond like the furniture and I loved them, especially when we got a yearly update that caught us up on the events of that year. I believe those books and Life magazine had a lot to do with developing in me a love of pictures and knowledge.

When I first bought an XT computer in 83, it was to write and print, and with the advent of the internet era, it has increasingly become for me....Compton's and Life all bundled in a four pound package, and portable, and since Christmas, in a 10 inch Xoom.

I have not used my tablet to escape the world, but to bring the world very close. There is not a day that goes by where a thought or a question sets me on a search, or a spare ten minutes allows me to read a book, or a gentle bell reminds me I promised to be somewhere in 30 minutes, freeing me up by helping my aging multitasker. I have always found that reading allows people to have spiced up conversations, and I hope I never stop getting input.

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