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Monday, February 27, 2012

This is another day of living

Eccentric gulf coast artist Walter Anderson had a room he kept locked where his theology of creation provided him a place to be alone, and his treks to the outer islands spurred his creativity.

I did not watch the Oscars last night except for the opening comedy sketch which is always hilarious.

I was moved in my own moviegoing by The Descendants, and The Help. I have been reading more lately and not watching many films. We enjoy Puss n Boots with the kids this weekend.

I took Ben to chip and putt at our little course outside my office and remembered my time with my son Matt learning golf. I wish I had been more patient and more encouraging back then. Matt loved the golf car more than the game but he had a good swing when we played.

Dean Reinmuth learned the game from his father and made a career out of helping others to play.

March marks the one year anniversary of the Love Wins debacle with Rob Bell. It proved to me that Christians do not like to discuss things that might challenge their core beliefs, but I already knew that. Love did not win in the way people responded in that one. For me, the issue remains the character of the judge, who will judge mercifully and perfectly. A punishment that lasts forever is not what the writers had in mind, and the translation of Aion is the straw upon which history will turn. Let's discuss it lovingly.

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