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Sunday, February 19, 2012


It's a word I learned from Mark Sisson, a phychological term that describes human weakness in relationship to making poor choices that we know will not be good for us.

It is a very theological idea about human weakness.

The antidote is grace, forgiveness, and then disciplines built on the foundation of grace instead of law.

Youth is the time to test these freedoms that do not help us and decide that we need help, no generation is born with any particular ability to choose the right things, but the good influence of faith, parental love, and values helps many avoid the pitfalls of akrasia.

Here is a picture of me during those heady days of youth, when we pushed boundaries, even though I had the call of God upon me.

The two dudes with beards are me and my roomate Alex, who died four years after this picture was taken.

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