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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A good man

Sunsets are part of life, and we all have our final one in this realm.

My friend Warren passed away yesterday. A special friend because he stopped by the office quite often to share, to get a pep talk, to talk about life. Eight years ago he was at MD Anderson Cancer center in Houston with a serious cancer in his cranial area and face. It did not look good.

He heard of a cancer treatment that was natural and took his pills religiously, and for 8 more years played tennis, danced, walked, worshipped and live an active life into his late 80s. We buried his wife a few years ago and he faithfully visited her after parkinsons had robbed her of most of her strength and communication skills. It was a stroke that took him, not the cancer.

He loved his sons, their sports, the out of doors, fishing, and was a widow who took care of himself and cooked and ate healthy. And, if I can say this of any man, a kind and good and gentle spirit. I will miss him.

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