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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Resurrection, Time, Universe

We saw on Video a fine sermon with pictures from Hubble on the immensity of light years and the universe and our place in the Milky Way. He made a comment that struck me about God saying "Let there be Light" that it exploded from His mouth going 186,500 miles an hour, which is the speed of light.

I have been gently hammering at the idea that if Jesus has a resurrection body, then it may have qualities that are spiritual, obviously, but it also has qualities that are physical. If a physical object moves from point A to point B, then it has by definition taken "Time". It seems logical to me then, that if our future contains a resurrection, then it proceeds from eon to eon, from age to age, and is not, therefore, "when time shall be no more".

I share this and it seems as though no one has an "ah ha!" moment. So much for human logic and reasoning when standing against human tradition.

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