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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Decluttering Homes

Standing in front of the "chotzhe" house in Maui, 1987.

Our church storage room is being cleaned and as per usual a lot of the boxes were mine.
I finally found all my high school and college yearsbooks which I could not figure out their wherabouts.

So Laura and decluttered my stuff at home and now my office home is under a cleaning command.

I realized that my whole Arizona church life except for one brief ministry has been carried on in homes. I have a home office and my away office is in a home, as were the three ministries that have occupied my decades.

My problem is that I have too much stuff. My praise is that I have never lived far from my other office, in Mississippi our church owned homes were a short walk away, and here I am less that two miles from one home to another, and they are both cozy, and sadly....decluttered....where else can I put my stuff?

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