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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday afternoon relaxation

My mind has shared what my heart gleened from a week of reflection and preparation, and we have fellowshipped together.

The afternoon is an exercise in rest and freedom. Freedom to enjoy a sabbath breaking sport like competitive golf. A pleasure for me, hard work and concentration for them.

As an American I have lived many Sundays like this, and all share the quiet joy of being at the top of a mountain, before a nights rest puts me at the second day of the week with task ahead, today was the first day of the week, set aside for this weekly moment of grace, or song, of worship.

Part of me realized my extreme blessing, as the homeless, the oppressed of the world struggle. The armed services have another day of vigilance, the tyrannized hope to survive. God have mercy upon this dark world. Help me to help when I can.

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