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Friday, February 17, 2012

62,72, 2012

We sent a good group of our church across the border to build an Amor structure for a Mexican family in Porta Penasco, keep them and their safety in your prayers this weekend.

My tablet computer tells me that John Glenn orbital mission was 50 years ago, and I remember sitting in sixth grade watching on a black and white TV and feeling exhilarated.

My 72 yearbook which has been lost in a box for years tells me that I graduated from college 40 years ago this June, and as I look at those young faces I remember the joys of my college years like they were yesterday.

Today, I am the composite of all I have experienced and learned through the decades in which God has been putting me through the process of life and wholeness (holiness) if you prefer. I am those past parts of me, but am changed.

It's a marvelous process.

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