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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This life....and the life to come

Don't waste your time going in there brother!!!!!

Os Guiness spoke of the American flirtation with Hindu ideas, re. Julia Roberts recent conversion to the Hindu faith. He said we think the idea of a "circle of life" is so exciting when you sing along with Lion King. The circle....the circle of life. In reality cycular beliefs are an endless treadmill of being stuck in an unchanging universe, hoping to improve to the point of non existence.

The linear view of the Christian worldview says our life has meaning now because it is related to new life ahead, and is very exciting. It gives meaning to life.

I Timothy 4 uses the phrase of excercsing ourselves for the purpose of Godliness. I am writing this in the gym as I continue my quest for health. Paul says bodily excercise is of some value, but not as much as being in God's gym, where there is benefit for this life....and the life to come. Now that is a thought to ponder.

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Carmen Andres said...

don, i love your distinction between the circular and linear. i tend to think in terms of story, and this fits right in :)