Hawaii 2010

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Home again

Can you see my Kia reflection in that aluminum?

Over 2500 miles trouble and accident free, for which I am very thankful. I now know the shape and feel of the towns, parks, and business corridor of northern California.

The conference was well planned and hosted, the speakers were informative and helpful, it was all good.

Laura and I caught up, and she honestly had some time to reflect on what her life would feel like if she were widowed. It's sobering and makes you appreciate the difficulties of our widows who face loneliness and have to force themselves to get out. I hope we have many more years together, Lord willing.

Back to the gym doing penance for the overeating habits that return so easily to my life. I will always have this weakness.

I took some really poor pictures on this trip. It never works well out the window or through the window of a moving car, but it's a temptation when you are not driving.

The summer of my 60th birthday will forever be special in my mind and heart for a refreshing time away to two lovely Hawaiian Islands, the Florida and Mississippi panhandles which is so much a part of our roots and past, and some of the most amazing places in the west.

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