Hawaii 2010

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Missed my 2 year blogging anniversary

This is an awe inspiring tree.

I passed into year three of daily blogging on July 24th. I will keep it up as long as its fulfilling. I am always grateful to see that 20-50 people stop by for a moment each day as they are able.

I am trying another two week press as I close in on the one year anniversary of joining Tumbleweed Recreation Center. A friend told me that he works out but does not enjoy it. I have had many times like that, but for some reason this commitment is enjoyable. Like I always say about discipline, a subject I am no ones mentor about...first you pay a price and then you enjoy a price. Not my quote but I have always liked it.

Anyhow, someone shared a magazine on Life Extension, which is what I am really motivated to do...and they mentioned the heart disease reversal proofs on the Ornish diet, which is basically low fat and minimle meat and lots of veggies. Can't hurt to experiment with some recipes.

Still have remarkable memories of Sequoia National Park.