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Sunday, August 8, 2010

A 500 mile travel day

Icons of San Francisco

We left the Church service at 10:30am and have checked into a Super8 in Beaumont, CA.
at 7:30pm. We are tired. Back about 10 miles the traffic came to a virtual standstill and crept along until we found firemen fighting a fire in the grass that had filled more than an acre on our side of the road.

Having never driven the I-5 I learned several interesting things. One is a stretch called "the grapevine" which crawls over a mountain range and causes all the trucks to go very slowly.

The other is a terrible result of having too many trucks and cars on a two lane interstate. If you got in the right lane after passing a truck, you could not get into the left again, or people kept jumping into that lane to pass most of the cars on the right and then forcing themselves back in and causing a big braking reaction and making the drive very nerve racking.

I enjoyed traveling with my golfing buddy Larry as we made fun of each other and enjoyed the whole week. We stopped at Costco to eat and Larry, of Hispanic origin, entered in the exit. When I stopped him he showed me another family entering through the exit, see he said, they are Hispanic also, we are just used to entering places illegally!!!!!

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