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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A life denying, dualist asceticism

That is what the Spirit warned Paul to tell Timothy to beware off and to develop the disciplines of Godliness to combat. Why?

Because those who instigate those religions in hypocrisy have no intention of keeping their own rules...just ensnaring you in them????

Because the self denials are the most subtle form of self righteousness, which leads to a hatred and disdain of others and a rejection of Christ????

Because the devaluing of this life leads to the waste of this life, and perhaps the abuse of life. Dualism is the belief that creation itself is evil and devalues this world in favor of the next. Paul said God's gym produces muscles in this life and the next.

I do not know if I am on the right track with this thinking, but I hope for some light as I continue this series on the pastoral epistles.

Every religion can go sick. Christianity has produced some terrible fruit of persecution when they thought they were the special ones in God's eye. I worry about Sharia law because it steps into the vacuum of our generation lack of developing self discipline that lead to Godliness and offers short cuts that will in the end produce fruit the same as those atrocities that have been highlighted in recent months.

Thinking out loud. Thanking God for our nation and praying for wisdom in the days ahead for those in power. Including us who have been empowered to vote our convictions.

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