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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Case for Civility

People from all over the world visiting Pier 39 in San Fran Cisco on a cool August afternoon.

Os Guiness is a descendant of the Guiness Beer family. There was a wonderful article noted on Scott McKnights blog on the blessed effect of beer on the people of Ireland during a time when they were dying from drinking polluted water. People quit drinking water, and the hard liquor became a real problem for the Irish, until beer became a safer option.

Apparently the wealthly Guiness had his heart warmed by the preaching of Wessely and began a family tradition of generosity, helping the poor and good works that permeated the company. Good company for Os, whose social commentary makes a large point of Christians leading the way in treating people we are disagreeing with, people who dislike us, issues we disagree with, all with a spirit of civility and respect. This is the most pressing problem in the nasty rhetoric flowing from our struggle in the economy and the political and social changes we are facing. Too much evil talking on both sides.

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Kansas Bob said...

Ditto civility for me Don. I am sometimes appalled at the way religious folks speak in the public square. It is like they have learned to curse without saying curse words.