Hawaii 2010

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fish and Grandkids begin to smell after three days

This colored building caught my eye in San Fran.

I love my grandkids, but today they got bored. Our five year old bundle of boy energy bounced on the bed and the slats came out, poked his finger in the portable DVD player and it is malfunctioning. We had a traditional birthday meal for Laura at Joe's Real Barbeque, yum.

Passing on a very informative website called Boston.com, The Big Picture which has extensive photographic news articles. The pictures of the landslide in China and the floods in Pakistan are heart breaking. Pictures do say a thousand words.

I shared a slide show of my five week travels in church today with Iz singing, Somewhere over the Rainbow/Wonderful World in the backgroud. I love that song.

I mentioned today how this summer of extensive sight seeing was the crowning joy of a blessed decade, even though the economy tanked, the world tension with terrorism is high, American politics is out of control, and I have had two heart incidents, I have been blessed with growth and joy and a sense of purpose for which I am very grateful.

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