Hawaii 2010

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Precious Memory of two loves in my life

Golf and life and intertwined with family and faith for me. My first set of golf clubs where a rusty set of mismatched given to me by my minister in Jr. High.
My father did not play. Every set I ever learned to play with was a gift, until I finally saved up for a set of Wilson Staff Forged, which you see me cleaning and displaying when my daughter fell asleep on my chest in 1978 Thanks to Laura for picking up the camera and snapping a sweet memory.

I am struggling to find the swing I self taught myself to enjoy so many decades ago. I am trying to find tempo, rhythm, swing plane, posture...you name it, I am doing it, chili dips, blading, digging ditches, worm burners, flyers left and flyers right, rough to rough, sand to sand, fairway to water, hazard to tree blocked...yes, I love this game!

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