Hawaii 2010

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Interstate 80 parking lot

This is a beautiful part of the country. The northern suburbs of Sacramento, yet I feel trapped....going and coming from the conference the Interstate is moving like a parking lot, and these poor folks with expensive homes have to deal with impossible traffic day in and out, until they move, like my friend Larry did. He just could not take it anymore.

Still thankful for this week of travel, missing wife and home, but experiencing something good and wonderful.

The conference is dealing with the reality of our old faith and our changing culture. The speakers have followed Francis Shaeffer by creating Shelter places for searching people looking for answers. They are good speakers because they are good students and listeners.


Kansas Bob said...

Francis' son Frank didn't speak did he?

Don said...

Franky and Frank went in different directions. These Labri folks are really serious believers

Kansas Bob said...

Probably something can be learned from both Francis and Franky?