Hawaii 2010

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting along with a diverse culture

A happy vacation crowd watched the sunset together.

I get really heavy hearted when an issue like the Ground Zero controversy pits us again each other. Signs, placards, slogans, shouting and yelling, hateful slurs.

I totally understand the tensions and the feelings, and the general unrest that hard times have brought to these past few years.

I am trying to work on my own attitudes, for anger and the desire for revenge cripple my spirit. The world is out of my control and I am trusting and praying for wisdom and change that unifies and does not divide.

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Kansas Bob said...

The Ground Zero controversy is an interesting one. There is already a Mosque 4 blocks from the area. The new one is 2 blocks away. What a difference a few blocks make. Of course the media always loves a controversy.. bad news sells papers and magazines.. just ask Time magazine.