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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hoping You Will Hear From Me Tomorrow

"And the Parrots shall sit upon the dumb tourists head, as he hopes they are potty trained"

This blog is registered under a no longer existing email address. Attempts to give this blog a link to my present email address have not worked. If I have no post tomorrow, I may be locked out until I figure out how to get this chore done.

I am struggling with the Easter messages as always. Paul preached Jesus and the resurrection every day of the week, every week of the year, so it is difficult for me to get up in any special way. My family of origin was never much on birthdays and special occasions, so I lean toward those whom Paul said, treated every day as the same, not those who have special days.

I think I am living eternal life right now. Like Eugene Peterson, I am practicing resurrection every day. Unlike my parents generation, I have rethought the resurrection and believe it involves a physical continued existence, not a disembodied state. I believe the new heavens and the new earth do not involved the nuking and destroying of the present universe, which is vast and unexplored.

I have no idea how all this is going to look, feel and be. But I am filled with hope.
The blog problem, filled with apprehension. Hope to see you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hope you can resolve your problems--we don't want to lose you!

Anonymous said...

Makes me think of that segment on the Muppet Show: "LOST IN SPAAACCCE". Remember, the pigs flying around in their spacsship.

Hope you're not lost in cyberspace!

Don said...

It seems so simple. I put in my new gmail address and it says I am not allowed to use a gmail address on this blog???????

Kansas Bob said...

Funny pic and caption Don! And I so agree that "I am living eternal life right now."