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Friday, March 26, 2010

3D and Dreamworks Animation is a winner

Shannon experiences another rite of passage to adulthood. Her first set of braces. She is taking it well and looking forward to that upper tooth getting in line with the others.

Here is how our date night ended up at IMAX How to Train a Dragon. I exchanged two passes I had from a problem when my son and I saw Avatar. I thought we would see Alice in Wonderland, but tonight was the first showing of the new Dreamworks film.

I can only say that this was so much more enjoyable in 3D than Avatar for me. I still got burny eyes, but the depth and the vividness of the cartoon characters was truly remarkable. Laura said, I think 3D is here to stay. I wonder if 15 dollars tickets are here to stay for IMAX as well? The six story screen Harkins bought is truly enormous, and it was packed out full.

Very cute movie, although pretty intense battle scenes for little kids I would think.
The classic triumph of brains over brawn, a father son being united, a love story, and some really great scenery of flying, woods, mountains, and oceans, and a cast of characters that is memorable, including the dragons.


Redlefty said...


My daughter is seven and is begging to see it. Too young? I figure she can handle it as long as I'm right next to her.

Don said...

I was thinking more like 5 or younger, a seven year old will be fine I am thinking. Thanks for stopping by my friend.