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Monday, March 22, 2010

A New Lens on my Camera, two health care stories

This is the Val Vista Lakes Homeowners Clubhouse and pool and some nice planted beds.

A friend lent me his Canon USM 28-135, a step beyong my kit lens, and I am drooling for more crisp and sharp photos. Here are a few from my visit over to the Dentist.
At the gym where I practice health care, ie. caring for my health I see a young man who struggles with his right side, and so I ask.....seems He suffered from migrains as a teen, smoked through out his teens and early twenties, and had a doozy of a stroke just short of 30. He works every day to regain what he lost. I expressed my admiration for his work ethic and courage. He is disabled and needs long term health care, and he is trying.

Last night at the Pizza Place, still practicing a looser form of health care by eating only two slices, I notice a man the table over who was obese, his waist line had to be in the 50s. He was on oxygen and I could see him sipping air to breath, and then he tossed down a salad and a large pizza by himself. And I could not help but feeling a bit resentful at his lack of healthcare and the burden he is and will be on the system now that we all share the costs. I may be way judgmental on this but somehow he represented to me a huge bunch of folks who are not trying.

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