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Monday, March 8, 2010

The return of Movie Nights

We have a nice 9ft screen and a DVD projector in our Bible Study Room. For two years we watched movies old, new, funny and serious. Mostly those I have enjoyed over the years that I knew our group would enjoy.

Right from the beginning the sound on the little Dolby 5.1 was inadequate for the room size. I tried miking it through my guitar speaker, it was always a struggle so I stopped.

Last week on Amazon I saw a 66 percent off on a Phillips Sound Bar. I have Dolby 2.1 at home and this machine is awesome. It has an upscaling DVD player and room filling sound. Yahoo, I love electronics.

Tonight we enjoy a Disney Classic. Pollyanna. I love this movie. The cast is amazing, the subplots numerous, the message is simple but important. There were all kinds of power plays going on with attitude control, and the child in her weakness conquered with love. Yet the movie does not dodge the reality of suffering and problems.

The movie is 50 years old, Haley Mills is a year or too older than I am, and the setting of the movie is 100 years ago. The wrathful sermons of the preacher were mined from old manuscripts of early american preachers. The town folk are such important parts of the drama, as is the setting. I really am touched each time I see it.


Dixie said...

I love that movie! I just mentioned it in a conversation yesterday!

Have you ever seen "The One & Only Genuine Original Family Band"?


It's one of my favourites. I loved it so much I bought a used vhs version of the movie for $50 not knowing the movie was going to be released on dvd later that year for under $20!

Oh well. It's worth a watch. I LOVE the music. Plus a very young John Davidson plays in it and he's quite dreamy. (Of course Kurt Russell is also in it. And Goldie Hawn makes an appearance at the end.)

Don said...

Thats a new one, I will look for it. I sent a prayer for your sick one when I read your blog today.

Dixie said...

Thanks Don! I appreciate it very much.