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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Planning a Sabbatical

A delightful flower macro at Summer Winds Nursery today.

This Easter completes seven years as Pastor of Sun Lakes Community Church. I have been given some extra time off this summer and must present the general schedule to my board next month, hence some advanced planning.

A wonderful two week trip to Maui and Kaui in June is booked. We are thrilled to enjoy the natural beauty and side trips available on those islands. We are thinking we may not return there, and look for some beaches that are closer. We will be trying, and I emphasize trying to sell our time share and end 10 years of semi total frustration with RCI. Anyone want it. It works better if you are retired, I understand, but our limited travel time has made it a hassle.

Two weeks visiting Dixie, the place I am NO LONGER WHISTLING FROM. FOR SOME RELATIVES, FRIENDS, AND CONCENTRATED GOLF. Fly to New Orleans, spend time in Mississippi and North Florida.

Two weeks spiritual retreat and conference somewhere. Maybe with cheap accomadations in a college dorm or something.

With that plan several months away, I must continue to live each day as a gift from God.

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Kansas Bob said...

Wow! Your life is a definitely a gift!