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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Avatar was a fun experience

Saw Avatar, non 3D with Laura, her first, my second viewing. This in light of the recent public Christian criticism that the movie glorified pantheism and was demonic.

I disagree. It was fantasy. The Navi people are feline in beauty, with cat like eyes and noses, and incredibly powerful and graceful. They have a magical land that is being harvested by the mercenaries on our apparently worn out planet.

Yes, it was a bit preachy, but in the context of the contrast of these people who are tied into their animals, their planet, and their diety, it all made for a good story.

It was not redemptive like Narnia, but in Narnia they had talking animals and trees. Let the movie be what it was, an exercise in creative fiction, an artistic triumph, and the story of a good hearted marine who defended the natives, just like Dances With Wolves. In that movie I was manipulated to feel very compassionate for the beauty of Indian culture and the nobility of the race. I was easily led to despise the U.S. Calvary for their violence. Whether that is the actual truth of history is apart from a creative and interesting saga.

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Kansas Bob said...

I haven't seen it yet but I tend to agree about reading too much into a fictitious story. Religious folks seem to do that a lot with stories like Harry Potter.