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Monday, March 15, 2010

Eat right, and Get Moving

Can you see the Chipmunk on the Rock? Double Click for a bigger view.

The above advice sounds easy. The daily fidelity is not so easy. My gym was closed for four days for a special event so I missed a workout. We went out to dinner by invitations of Thursday at Charlestons, Friday at Shagrila, Saturday McDonalds(by begging grandkids), and Sunday Floridino's Pizza. Much fun and fellowship, and the scale went up.

So, you recommit, Eat right, and Get Moving. Today I made a delicious chicken salad with yellow raisins, curry powder, carrots, celery, and onions. We had fruit on the side, and both Laura and I spent a great hour in the Gym since she is on spring break. Boy do I expect her to be sore tomorrow.

In my old age I am taking more of the cooking duties, and I really enjoy it, am still a manly man, and I am getting better...I think....and hate cleaning up after my mess. Let me put in a plug for a lovely blog that has huge numbers of readers.

search for.....morningramble.blogspot.com

Patty writes beautifully of the joys of simple farm living, and has put herself on a health eating and exercise program, check it out.

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