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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Men to be most pitied

Paul stated that if their is no resurrection from the dead than living a Christian life as if there is one is pretty pitiful. I agree. Budwieser said it best years ago in one of their most popular sayings. "You only go around once in life, so grab for all the gusto you can get." I have never forgotten that commercial and have joked about it ever since. What on earth is gusto? How much does it cost? How to you grab it, front or back? I think gusto means beer drinking for Budwieser, but if this life is all there is I would probably find some other types of gusto to enjoy. In other words, I am morally careful and have some boundaries because I want to see God who is holy. I do not want the fruit of my life to be rotten in His sight....and.....I want to live unto the ages with God in a new creation.

So, believing in the resurrection makes my life not pitiful, but joyful, meaningful, boundaried by the desire to know God and please Him. I would love to make these next weeks full of the understanding of God, the highth and width and limitlessness of His love....and the bucketloads of gusto we will have in our resurrection life.

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Kansas Bob said...

In my opinion the gusto of the flesh is no match for the gusto of the Spirit :)