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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ostrich Festival?

The Chandler Ostrich Festival returns this weekend. It is one of our local events I have managed never to attend. Carnivals are of no interest to me. Although it had been interesting to watch them set up in a field that has been soaked by more rain than I remember in recent years and is already becoming a mud bog.

My gym will be closed all weekend as it is the host of the event. I will have to walk or ride bikes for my exercise this weekend.

I have noticed with some sadness how quickly the news from Haiti and Chile has disappeared from our news, and how easily we move on to other things. I am comforted by the fact that many whose calling is to relieve suffering and respond long term to disaster are still in both places.

I continue to enjoy my long term interest in Irish/Celtic music. The tunes are so beautiful….simple and complex at the same time, joyful with a hint of sadness, thematic, memorable, transforming.

In my ministry, I am trying...maybe too hard....to help my people believe that God is benevolent, and present, with all mankind. My reading of Campbell's The Deliverance of God is getting to my heart.

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