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Monday, November 30, 2009

Can't help being contrarian

Dancing Injun by friend Butch Hall

Avoiding conflict at all costs has always been my personality issue. If you love the land wars going on in the Middle East that's fine. If you love religious wars....not so fine, but I am hoping the big message of the gospel begins to influence us. The breaking down of walls between people is a very significant part of our message.

A violent man killed four police officers having coffee before work. May he pay quickly, and God comfort those families in shocking grief and suffering. It does not, cannot follow, that all black men are violent. Some muslims are terrorists....therefore all muslims are terrorists, does not, cannot follow. There are many Iranians in America, we do not trust Iranians does not, cannot follow.

Hackman's Musings, see sidebar, has a great post about a statement by the BYU quarterback, who, because some Utah fans treated him poorly, grouped all Utah fans basically as ugly, hateful and wicked. This kind of thinking needs to stop in America, and more urgently in the quickly becoming less salty....salt of the earth.
The only good Injun is a dead Injun, was said in the west long ago, the only good ****** is a dead****** was said in the South not so long ago. It does not, it cannot follow, and that is why I am not whistling dixie on this.

I need to keep my eyes on Jesus before my blood pressure goes up.

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Andrew said...

Thanks for the plug! Glad to see that all is well in AZ! :)