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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ford's Dream Car

Sun Lakes was a bustle of fall activity today. The Women’s Bizarre is a huge rummage sale, the Baptists hosted an Antique Car Show. Safeway had a grand reopening after a remodel. The weather was delightful.

There must have been ten restored Mustangs. It’s odd when a car you grew up with becomes an antique. I guess that means I am an antique. Right around the corner from me two of my friends brought the original Ford Mustang to a special position in my memory.

Chris’s Dad sold Ford’s and snuck us in to the locked garage for a preview of the 64 and ½ Mustang. I was mesmerized by the lines and the sheer sleek beauty of that vehicle. The next year Charles and I entered a contest to win a 65 Hatchback. Charles was sixteen and I was fifteen, so he could enter for us. We had to guess the mileage of a Honda 50 scooter as it drove to all the Coca-cola plants around Alabama. I did the math with a state map and a ruler and we guessed on 10 postcards and sent them in.

Charles won the car, bright red and awesome. I learned to drive a stick in that car and we had many adventures in the few months before I moved to Mississippi. It is a restorers dream.

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