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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Experiencing a brain fog

My little web log has so far been enjoyable. I have not tried to climb Mt Everest with monumental ideas, or correct the theological errors of the day. I have chosen to simply reflect on something in my day that made an impression and to share an image I have taken with my Canon Xsi or 590is.

I am .4 of a pound of breaking into a lower weight zone as a result of being in month three of joining a health club. Hallelujah, a little thing for many but my own Mt. Everest, considering the joy of eating and all that.

My fascination with Kubili, our Indonesian New Tribes missionary continues as she and her team have finally prayed the building materials out of the hands of crooked inspection clerks in Jakarta. In a week a team will arrive to build and equip the home she and her roommate will share as long as God leaves her among this remote tribal people. Solar energy keeps her a few keystrokes away from "the daily report" as the Lion King sings. My admiration for her dream continues. She is looking jungle toughened in her picture this week, slimmer, like the natives she is learning to love. Thier dry season brings hut building, which lasts for 3 years she says, and gardening, which leads to many cutting injuries. Primitive, I said. God bless you today and each day as your home construction project nears.

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