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Friday, November 13, 2009

I am at peace with Qoheleth

The Preacher in Ecclesiastes is not a positive thinker. He is a rugged realist. I am planning on doing a word study of Ecc. 9:9-11 to see where the word chance comes from, "time and chance affect us all", as a former Presbyterian we were not allowed to use the word luck, or chance in conversation without being frowned upon. We laughingly called our Pot Luck Dinners....Pot Providences.

I tend to be a lot more of a Christian realist when it comes to miracles and prayer. Some people believe that if you can get hundreds of people praying for someone God just practically has to answer such an overwhelming number of intercessors.

My feeling is this, someone is sick, we pray earnest and sincerely for healing, either miraculous or natural or surgical or medicinal. What ever happens is good.
If the person dies we pray some more and grieve. We continue to trust God.

The Old Covenant and the Wisdom tradition inform and provide the sound foundation for our new covenant faith, and if we live long enough we admit that Ecclesiastes is the truth we have observes, evil people prospering, good people dying, a good bit of luck involved in people who have great success in business or arts. We see talented people who never find their niches and hard working people who never see a great payoff. This is life, enjoy your food, your shelter, your wife, your work, and know your soul will return to God and your works will be judged. Good stuff to balance us all.

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