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Friday, November 27, 2009

Are we doomed?

I watched Glen Beck today and he says we need to build our financial ark cuz were are going down and no one wants to stop it.

Christians have been deeply entrenched in prophetic doomsaying for the last three or four generations. I listened for a few tortured minutes to the frenetic prophesying of Perry Stone on TBN...what a nutjob, pardon my rudeness.

The reason I am so interested in the block buster movie, 2012 is that, to me, its like the nuttiness of the Left Behind movies of a decade ago, and the older and more aged nuttiness of the popularity of The Late Great Planet Earth, of my youth.

Pastor Don, you are so rude to be speaking of nuts about so serious a subject as the end of the world. Nuts to you too! critic. The failure to understand serious biblical apocalypse leads us like lambs to the slaughter by the real power brokering going on in politics and culture.

There are crazy and serious things going on. I am not belittling any of it. There are serious political problems in our country, fight the good political fight as you see fit. There are complicated financial strains on America and the world that need calm, and responsible analysis. Bring it on.

All I can do is say nuts, and speak of a world changing gospel, not of an angry Lord coming to snatch away his church, but a Lord asking the church to bring in Kingdom values that can salt this stew, aright this careening vehicle, and pick up and help its straying little lambs. Too many metaphors?! Nuts.


Dixie said...

You said it very well.

Kansas Bob said...

"a Lord asking the church to bring in Kingdom values that can salt this stew, aright this careening vehicle, and pick up and help its straying little lambs."

Amen to that Don. I once really enjoyed studying Revelation and eschatology.. I think that it was a way to divert my attention from things that needing my attention.. also a bit of religious ego involved too :)

Anonymous said...

Because current Pop Eschatology (cue Late Great Planet Earth and Left Behind (Volumes 1-22)) is nothing more than Ultimate Escape Fantasy followed by Ultimate Revenge Fantasy. Delivered with lip-smacking glee.

Christians have become a death cult. An end-of-the-world death cult. Chronicles of Riddick Necromongers without the baroque nightmare-fuel sense of fashion and decor.

And they have signed over the future to Darby, Lindsay, LaHaye, and The Antichrist without a fight. Now they have no future, only waiting to get beamed up to Fluffy Cloud Heaven. And no life, only keeping their noses squeeky-clean so they can pass God's Litmus Test and get beamed up.

And when you have no future, the future tends to happen on its own. Without you. Without your input or influence. And when the future happens, you wake up one morning and find yourselves Left Behind.

Headless Unicorn Guy