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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Life is a Beach

I have been immersed in the Wisdom books for a few weeks, Ecclesiastes most recently. An old preacher is reflecting on life and its meaning and he keeps coming up with what my study Bible calls enigmas. There are just so many things in life that do not make sense unless you believe in God as a great settler of injustices. The wicked prosper and live long life, the righteous die in the midst of being righteous.

As I near the Anniversary of moving west, and near the big 60, I am finding this kind of reflection helpful for me. Now I realize that the next 20 years theoretically will not hold the same opportunity for change as did the first and second score of years, but I really believe that wisdom can crown the next period with further refining of my hopes, values, choices and the way I spend my last years.

I realize now that the decision to move out of the south was really tempered by the reality that if I kept doing the same thing in the same place I would get the same results. It was not ministry and service and teaching I wanted to leave, but the trappings of a heritage that so many did not question because it was all they knew, but I did as a transplant inserted into this culture just late enough to have a different perspective.

Now is it time to reflect on what I encountered when I jumped out of the frying pan of corn bread and landed on a cactus and a cowboy. Not that I have not done so already, but again anniversaries are for looking both ways and resetting your course a bit if you need to.

Today’s picture represents the joy and anticipation of the beginning of a family vacation. We had just arrived at our favorite beach city, San Clemente. I had a new 50 mm lens that is crisp and sharp and colorful. I lingered above as my family descended to the boardwalk. You can spot them if you click to enlarge, and see the relaxed and rhythmic life at the beach beckon us to rest and enjoy the pounding pacific surf life.

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