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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bells, and voices and the One Shepherd

The conclusion of Ecclesiastes introduces wisdom and The Shepherd, the God who receives our spirits unto Himself, of the God who rules the Universe with justice and remembers the plight of His cracked Eikons.

I recommend Scott McKnights recent book The Blue Parakeet as a lovely summary of the best way to read the scriptures for our edification and for building our life and ethics. Reading as story, reading with tradition but not through tradition, allowing Moses ways for Moses days, and even Paul's ways for Paul's days, leading us to a wise and interactive discernment of truth and her applications.

When we read this book with a Christocentric focus we see Jesus giving the teacher hope and purpose for life, even when there continue to be bad breaks, illnessess, evil actions of evil men, and acts of God that are quite destructive in their influence......Life is full of meaning. Can you spot my lovely wife in the choir?

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