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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Glad its November

I remember all those years of planning Harvest Parties or Reformation Parties in our Churches. I have never really been a great youth ministry planner, but we had lots of help and pulled off some fun events. I could care less if people allow their kids to Trick or Treat, and used to hate the 2 hrs of non stop doorbell ringing when we lived for 7 years at the end of a Cul de Sac.

All in all, when November comes to the desert I enjoy this next season so much. I do not enjoy the silliness of adults dressing in ridiculous costumes, its just me, we passed it, and I am OK.


Judy Kelly said...

Hi Don,
I am one of those who enjoy dressing up in costumes and I enjoy the pagan holiday co-oped by the early Christian church. Probably because I have always associated it with my birthday. This year I was a spider lady and took my four year olds begging through town. All the merchants were very generous and the senior citizens at the lunch center enjoyed them tremendously. I live on a dead end street off a dead end street so only had a couple dozen trick or treaters. November is a very transitional month here. The weather is frosty in the morning and crisp and cool during the day but the sun is warm and being outside is a joy. We are raking leaves and enjoy being the time before winter. By NY law we are required at the children's center to be out side every day that the temp is above 20 degrees and it is not raining. we dress for the weather and my grandsons are not yet wearing coats. North country kids are a hardy breed. I will send you some pictures of our snow caves from last year as soon a I learn how. This new laptop has many features that I have not yet learned to use and my old computer was a dinosaur.
I just learned that a close friend lost her son to suicide. He suffered head trama in Afganistan and left a wife and son born two weeks after his death. So sad.I struggle to know what to say and how to comfort.
I am enjoying your blog. Love you, Judy

Don said...

Thanks for the good comment. My discomfort has nothing to do with leftover fundamentalism. I am over that. I really should go to a costume party next year.

Glad you upgraded, it will help. I am a total laptop guy.

We need to get Linda on FB.

So very sad about your friend. So much hard to bear in this life
My trip to Mexico stunned me with the level of poverty down there.
Let me suggest you manage your pictures with something like Picasa a free program from Google.
It stores all my blog pics, the pics on my blog app.