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Monday, November 9, 2009

From Tumbleweed Gym, an update

Since I have no data time left on Verizon I am using my Chandler Public Library wifi at Chandler Tumberweek Rec Center. This is one of many reasons I moved to a large town 20 years ago next month. The city services here are wonderful. I feel so very comfortable with all the shapes, ages and sized that gather here to keep themselves in shape. I see many of the same people each week. Some of them are true inspirations in fitness, some are fighting to lose enormous amounts of weight, some like me are working for heart health and age retardation??? is that a concept???

Any way I sandwiched three sets of twelve on twelve upper body weight machines with twelve minutes of walking and twelve of biking, and I am heading home for supper. I am going to post one of my favorite pictures today which shows how much God has blessed us in our journey of faith to the desert. The backyard you see here was our second home here in Mesa, and we built all you see in terms of landscaping around our pool, which we enjoyed a great deal during our seven years in that home.

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