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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The four year man scores 20

My family of origin were mobile before it was a national trend. Dad and Mom left Indianapolis when I was a wee lad of three, before memory started. During the 16 years that followed we lived four years in Louisville Kentucky, Bardstown community, four years in Oneonta New York, Four years in Troy, Alabama, and Four years in Jackson Mississippi. They would finish with five years in Houston, Texas, Five years in Gulfport Mississippi, and the final years in Pensacola, Florida. We were rolling stones who gathered no moss.

For years I would get restless after four years of anything and wondered why. I spent four years at Belhaven College, Jackson, MS, four years at Reformed Seminary, Jackson, Four years in Crystal Springs, MS, Seven in Moss Point MS. and amazingly, in two weeks we will have made 20 years in East Valley Phoenix.

To be honest, not all in one place with one people. I am still a rolling stone. We have owned three homes here, and rented two for short periods. Been involved in four ministries, but, except for a short period in Tucson, (I don't want to talk about it), we have called this area home. I want to reflect on that for a while.

Two first impressions when we flew out here to check out the city. Well maintained and beautiful highways. This city puts all kinds of decorations and plants along the major roads and it is very cool. Geckos, and Indian symbols and balls and swirls everywhere, and mostly trash free.

Second, the smell of oranges. The East Valley was a huge fruit distributor. Alas, this has not lasted, as houses sprang up everywhere. In 1989 Gilbert, AZ had 18,000 folks, now probably close to 200,000. When you rack up 20 years in one place, now you can remember empty spaces filled, and stored changing locations, and signs of ageing here and there. Its a good feeling for a rolling stone.

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Judith Hndricks Kelly said...

Don, I often say that I was married four years before I realized that you had to clean closets, not just empty and move on to clean ones. I was planted for 40 years in Rochester, (two apartments and three houses) but I changed positions in the school district often as I took leaves and moved up and down the management levels. the last 18 years at The U of R, Strong Hospital were the most rewarding. I am loving it here but soon I will have to clean closets.
Love, sister Judy