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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Evening

Laura baked a 8 lb Turkey Breast stuffed with green apples which was super moist and tasty. We have some annual favorites supplied by Melissa this year. Shoe Peg Corn casserole, a delicious bacon, raisin and broccoli cold salad. Then Laura has her famous Yams smothered with nuts and brown sager, topped off with apple pie and double vanilla ice cream. My Tummy hurts. Oh and the most traditional, her mothers Southern Corn Bread Dressing with gravy. It takes all morning to make, right down to the old black iron skillet for the corn bread. Awesomely good.

Could not get anyone to pose for a picture, but the kids retired to the warm and delightful outdoors to do some dreaming with the store inserts. Its humble and modest but its my family. Brian called and said the lead actor in the Shrek musical who performed with the cast today at Macy's was one of his drama classmates at the U of A. He began as the understudy and got the lead quite early.

Hope your day was as delightful as ours.


Anonymous said...

I know that menu WELL! Remember the Thanksgiving we spent together the day before we married in 88? Good times! Steve and I celebrated 21 years yesterday! Whew!

Glad you all had a good "usual" T-Day. Give Laura and Melissa my love.


Anonymous said...

Oops I can't spell my name.


Dixie said...

Wow. That made my mouth water. All day yesterday I wished I was in the States so I could eat some turkey and sweet potatoes. Oh well, we'll be home for Christmas soon enough. And I think I'll buy a sweet potato or two today to eat this week.

Don said...

Michale, very happy Anniversary, and a wedding that was a joy to be part of.

Dixie, all my Canadian church folks tell me how they love celebrating both holidays. Hope you guys tummies are settling down.