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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Truth communicated through personality

This is a raw fresh picked unroasted coffee bean that will soon be Kona coffee. The daily sharing of conversation over coffee is part of my life that I count most precious.

It is impossible not to allow who we are to affect the way we think and act and our learning and experience to affect our teaching in both content and style.

It is also very hard to see the theological and historical filters through which we see and do the message of the gospel.

The currect phenomenon of Pastor Mark Driscoll is a combination of this theology, his personality, and his success, and perhaps many other factors we are unaware of.

His ministry style attracted thousands, hurt hundreds, and the fall out is creating waves through social media and those connected to the wider movement of the church in America.

Understanding both calvinism and pastoral ministry, I can understand how all this happened. Many times a more irenic and kind message from the other big name in calvinism, John Piper, would rub people the wrong way because they did not see the truth through that long established filter of theology.

When I began to live my life with non calvinists, I would sense markable differences in the way we would see and interpret things going on around us and in the Bible.

It makes for a tough type of life to try to share things that you believe are true, challage traditions that many believe to be true and may not be, and to allow your own personality and views change as your grow.

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