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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Heaven is a place on Earth

I have been listening to a friend at the gym as she plans an anniversary trip to Kauai in a few months. I appreciate that she listened to my input on how we learned to explore and enjoy the garden island.

This is one of my all time favorite captures of a special moment in our lives as a couple. It was taken early one morning at Ke'e Beach which is the dead end destination at the northeast part of Kauai. We have spent a few hours there at least five times over the years. Only this time did we have the beach to ourselves for a while.

They shot a scene in a movie their long ago where a priest and his long unrequited love met for an affair. Remember the Thornbirds?
The beach is surrounded by reefs and creates a lovely spot to cool off that is quite calm, and full of fish to see if you have googles. The view Laura is observing is the ocean view of the Napali Coast and the beginning of a very difficult 18 mile hike.

Last time we were there in 2010 the parking was disasterous, the beach crowded, and the sand so hot it was dangerous. You either had coverings or your ran like a crossing on hot coals.

This day, was, a moment of heaven on earth for me, and the lady I love. I am hoping my friend and her husband make many memories like this one, even if they don't take a picture.

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