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Thursday, August 28, 2014

A belated Blogiversary

Still trying to lift that bar in Toon Town after all these years.

I started this blog on July 24, 2008. I am not good at math but I think I am entering year seven in sharing my daily thots. If it were not rewarding and therapeutic I guess I would have quit.

One of my first posts dealt with heart disease, and I still have it and will be doing another diagnostic test and possible intervention next week. I also spoke of a trip to a conference on my quest for what others have called a new kind of Christianity, that would be an attempt to solve the disjointed types of Christian belief and practice I had lived with for over three decades.

As I have continued to listen and learn and discuss the times in which we live, it has become obvious to me that our culture and Christianity are in a time of major shift, and type of reformation that comes along every five hundred years. The issue can most simply be brought down to one simple but complex question as we face the issues of our day. How do we read and interpret our bible? For Christians, this is the watershed issue that touches so many other tensions in morality, evangelism, Christian life and views.

These were the very same issues that changed the world 500 years ago. It was about interpretation and practice in the church that led to the Protestant reformation, and in our day we will be debating the same issue with the light and understanding that have come into the world in the last several centuries and today with knowledge has been unleashed and access to debate brought down to everyone's computer.

This blog will occasionally touch on these issues, but mainly share the daily joys of this world, family, daily life, and health, and whatever strikes me to share each day. Thanks for stopping by to share it with me.

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