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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Coming up for air

Warren has passed from this world into God's care, he was such fun playing his Concertina and enjoying his life in Sun Lakes.
He survived cancer, a long caregiving service to his wife, who had been a Catholic sister growing up. They were both affected positively by charismatic renewal. Loved the first wave of praise music.

Made the point today that if God is about to end the world, then all our prayers are not going to stop Him. But if our own imposed theology demands a bad ending and a soon ending and we are in fact, deceived, then we have robbed a generation of seeking answers by our lust for rapture.

I watch for the way we respond to the threat of terrorism with prayerful interest. Not sure we know which way to go on this. Glad its not my decision.

In other topics, I love womens professional golf, I love the way they turned the Asian invasion into a positive so that we can display respect for those girls who desire to compete in America because its the best and most profitible way to make a living for a lady golf. They girls can play, and they swing like I want and need to swing at this stage of my life. With normal speed and silky tempo.

I love September with its hints at fall, the gradual return of our winter visitors, the beginning of the end of another year.

I am focused on being part of the change agents in the American Church. We are a very specific niche church. We are only open for seniors, so that makes our rules of attraction very different than most regular neighborhood church. It still calls us to be sensitive to the changes that continue to take place in the living and engaging our faith with the world around us.

I am trying to be ready for the results of my heart test, positive or negative. I will not lie, I want to share some years with my wife after she finishes her teaching career in two years.

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