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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Defending the Faith?

When thoughts of reformation or renewal lead to questions about the way we have interpreted truth and the reformers begin to publish, then those who dig in and refuse to listen feel that they are defending the faith when they oppose and deny the legitamacy of the questions or the search for better answers.

When they lose and things change, they think all is lost, when in reality their losing was a winning that will assure a better future with a better understand. Even those who refuse to change will profit by becoming a minority instead of a majority. Those who were a minority will become a majority and will be allowed to influence the outcomes and changes needed.

All that might seem like enough gobbledy gook to have lost you, but I am being cryptic for a reason.

We are in some sort of major spiritual shift, reformation, deformation, emergence or what ever you call it. You have to choose when to dig in and when to allow change, and it won't always look like you chose correctly.

I think the values that will keep us on the best track have already been revealed.


KC Bob said...

Too much black and white theological thinking. No one is interested in the gray so there is a tendency to jump directly from black to white and ignore the beautiful grays.

Don Hendricks said...

Wish I could sit under your pastor who is making big strides in that area.

KC Bob said...

I am leading a 6 week study in a few weeks that use's Adam's "Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White" book and video. In the book he speaks to how those who are close to the center are the only ones that can make progress because they are the only ones who talk to each other. Thoughts like that help me to stay away from the extremes.