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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness

Guard your children well, they are our future.

I read a blog by a man who has a passion for the history of the civil rights movement. He said this week was the 50th anniversery of finding the bodies of three young men murdered and buried in Neshoba Co Mississippi by a Sherrif and his Ku Klux Clan friends.

I lived there at the time, and later would preach in two little churches in Neshoba Co. So I remember the time when I personally made my first black friend, and how good that felt to actually treat a young black woman as a human being and not a human problem.

Last night a young Muslim mother was having difficulty opening the gas door on the car she had rented or borrowed. I was able to help her, and we shook hands and exchanged smiles. I could tell she had an eastern accent, skin tone and obvious a head covering.
It was good to treat this Muslim mother as a human being not a human problem.

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