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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Questions are good

This is an air vent in the mountain tunnel in Zion National Park, to bad you can't stop and look out as you pass through.

When religious institutions believe they have all the answers and no room for questions, they have hardened into forces of potential abuse of authority. We see that playing out in the mini drama taking place in the neo reformed movement and Mark Driscoll. He was so sure of the proper roles to be played by males and females in the kingdom that he got kind of kinky and weird about it, and about his own charisma as a leader teacher, and it is exploding around him.

Every reformation of the church has been surrounded by questions about the dogma and authority of those in power, be it ecclesiastical or governmental.

Questions and doubts and good, in my way of thinking, they betray no hatred of authority, just a reverence for keeping it real.

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