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Monday, August 4, 2014

Bachelor Trip.....sort of

Parts of the Big Island are so new geologically speaking that the coastlines are more barren than lush. Whittington park is like that, and this shoreline shows and abandoned and broken pier.

In 2005 I was invited to spend five days in a remote camp on the Salmon River. I combined that prayer retreat with a Conference in Denver, and the Bachelor Trip tradition began.

Laura has a very short six week summer, and that time away for me served many purposes. Spiritual refreshment and seeing someplace different. Planning for the next years ministry, and purposely seeking out and listening to Christians outside my own tradition to expand my understanding of different traditions within the Christian Community.

I learned about spiritual formation from Renovare Ministry in Denver, Presence and ermerging Christianity in Colorado Springs and Little Rock, Fathers Day Conference in Missouri, Christian and Missiaonary Alliance Camp Meeting in Idaho. A lecture series in Northern California by Oz Guiness. Lots of mind and heart expanding times. Lots of interesting scenery and sites to photograph for fun.

Last year I was urged to stop traveling alone for health and safety reasons, so next week I am hitching a ride with dear friends for a roadtrip north and some extended time of solitude and prayer. More later.

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