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Monday, August 18, 2014

Saw Old Hal Lindsey on TV last evening

The end timers are at it again. They show up everytime the Middle East heats up and prove how Matthew 24 is literally being fulfilled in August of 2014.

The things they assert cannot be proven and if history disproves the they will be gone from the scene until the next prophets of doom began to rant.

Old Hal Lindsey is still interpreting events these days. I quote from his past. The 80s may very well be the last decade. The 90s may very well be the last decade The year 2000 may very well be the terminal year. Go get a life Hal.

Scripture does not really demand we take this deterministic guessing game approach to the future. We have imposed this lust upon the texts.

Claiming an immanent rapture rescue after 2000 years is just plain sad, its like Charlie Brown believing that this time Nancy won't move the football.

Enough ranting, off to golf in Idaho.

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