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Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Boise Sunday

My first Batchelor trip came through Boise, to McCall and to a cabin on the Salmon River, where I listened to God. I was seeking to experience and test some thoughts that had created "Aha" moments in my Christian experience. Right or wrong the search for truth has been exhilerating.

The church we are visiting today to be with a friend who made my first trip possible has a belief statement that is long and complex and demonstrates they know precisely who God is and What Christ did and will do in the past, present and future. And....frankly....they know too much, they are sure of too much. I am so thankful I took some of my theology off the I know that shelf, and back on the mystery shelf. I have seen what this level of assurance does to people.

Anyhow, thankful to still be on the journey today.

Laura is enjoying the use of our newly remodeled bathroom today and has promised to let me baptize the shower. She says the Tub is very comfortable. We miss each other, but this week in August each year has been so great for my spiritual life.

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