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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Bible Museam

The choir from the first church I served in the late 70s, in Crystal Springs, Mississippi.

Who knew that Pheonix had a rare bible collection in the west part of town housed in a Hampton Inn? There were five scholars there yesterday who had come to use the library, and the curator shared a 2 hour lecture with us on the history of language and the canonization of the book we call the Bible.

As he hosts many of Jewish, Mormon, and sometimes agnostic backgrounds the talk was free from religious persuasion, funny, sometimes flippant, and throughly entertaining and enlightening. Our folks learned a good bit from this son of scholars who buys and sells ancient theology books often discarded by disinterested grandchildren who inherit librarys from estates of their family.

I held a five hundred year old greek new testament that fit into the palm of my hand yet was so solidly bound as to still exist.

We learned of the connection of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the perfecting of DNA testing to help them put the fragments back together again.

Worth the drive. Pictures will follow.

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